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Ile Rousse
Ile Rousse is situated in the region of Balagne. Often known as “the garden of Corsica” due to its fertile hills, Balagne is still known as “Saint Balagne” because of the large number of religious buildings there.
A second adjective befitting of this place is “festive”, as everything that goes on here is an excuse for a party or festival.
The Île Rousse is the other seaside resort on this coast.
It takes its name from the porphyry red rocks of the Isle of Pietra, just to the north of the town.
As an ancient Roman trading post, its boom years date back to Pascal Paoli who built a port and ramparts to rival the sea trade between Gênes and Calvi.
Its climate is so mild that it could be called the “Mild Isle”. Nothing is more pleasant than strolling through the shade of the 100-year old plane trees in the Place Paoli that is edged with date palms.
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