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BonifacioAt the southernmost tip of the island, perched atop awesome white cliffs battered by the waves, stands Bonifacio Ė the most visited of the exceptional sites of Corsica. There is a distinctly mediaeval air to the upper town which was founded in 833 by Boniface, Count of Tuscany, and has had a colourful, tumultuous history. But Bonifacio is also a safe, eminently accessible port attracting seagoing pleasure craft in large numbers. Here, where the wind blows some 250 days a year, fun-boarders are in their element. The best spots (but keep it to yourself!) are: Figari, La Tonnara, Piantarella, Santa Manza and Balistra. Sailing boats and their crews will find a whole series of calanques (deep narrow creeks) and gulfs in which to drop anchor along this highly indented coastline. Submarine life is every bit as extraordinary with gorgonian, sponge, grouper and coral all abounding.

Costa_rocce_mareAt Bonifacio, visit the old town with the Bastion de líEtendard, the Place díArmes, the very moving sailorís cemetery, the magnificent King of Aragon steps carved out of the cliff face, and the church of Saint Dominique, one of the islandís few Gothic buildings.



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