Cargèse is famous for having given asylum to Greek refugees that sought refuge in Corsica in 1676. Its two churches, one Orthodox and the other Catholic, stand facing each other.

CargeseAt Cargèse, take a look inside the Greek church that houses some beautiful icons and, so as not to offend anyone, also have a look round the Catholic church. Explore the Genoese bridges of Pianella and Zaglia, and the Ota tiles that the women used to mould on their thighs. Other points of interest are the small dry-stone constructions known as “grataghji” or chestnut drying sheds.

Dive into the turquoise waters of the Menasina beach, near to Cargèse, which is hidden away in some beautiful maquis. Boat trips are available departing from Porto, Cargèse and Sagone to Scandola. Exhilarating walks await you, especially those that take you to the beautiful lake Creno, which is covered with waterlilies. According to legend, they were put there by the devil that wanted to hide in the lake. Enjoy swimming in the pools of fresh water created by the Aïtone waterfalls. For lovers of sport, there is a programme of canyoning and climbing available.


Sagone, a southern resort, will open up a completely new universe to you: in the space of a few minutes you can go from its sunny beaches into the coolness of the forests of the Regional Nature Park, where Vico, a region of shepherds, offers many excursions to lake Creno and the Liamone gorges.




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