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Located between the sea and the mountains, half way from Bastia and Porto-Vecchio the Costa Serena opens itself onto large sandy beaches and offers you on the one hand, a large variety of accommodations, in holiday villages, hotel clubs, camping sites or mobile home.

costa_serenaOn the other hand, still not far from the sea but more inland, you will have the opportunity to discover the genuine Corsica with its rivers and its mountains and the farmers who make this delicious local cheese and meat products or honey and liquors.


Vignale Beach - At the end of the secondary road that runs from the centre of Ghisonaccia to the sea, the holiday villages offer access to the beaches and all kinds of activities and services.Not only that but a little further on and you can enjoy wilder, calmer beaches such as those bordering Pinia forest.

Linguizzetta - Linguizetta is divided into two sections: the village, full of character, and the coast with its sandy beaches which, thanks to the exceptional nature of its natural areas, has become a paradise, particularly for naturists.


Urbino Pond - Urbino Pond is famous for its oyster farming which dates back to ancient times when the oysters were sent to Rome.
It is an exceptional location, you will be won over by the beauty of the site and seduced by the on-site tasting of oysters and muscles from the ponds of Costa Serena.


Pinia Forest - Protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral, Pinia is the last great forest on the Corsican coastline. Hemmed in by the banks of Urbino Pond (Etang d'Urbino) and 3.5km of sandy beaches and dunes, it consists of maritime pines and holm oaks and creates a dense scrub in certain areas. Certain birds go there to nest, such as the long-eared owl or the hobby.

ááFauna and Flora

Cows, goats, pigs and donkeys are everyday animals in life on Corsica. You are sure to come across them as you pass along a road or through a village.
The Corsica Regional Nature Park has enabled the reintroduction of certain species such as the stag, some of which are protected at Ania di Fiumorbu.


Villages - The Costa Serena assembles 33 communities of the oriental coast of Corsica:

Aleria -The former historical capital of Corsica, AlÚria has by turns been a Phocaean Colony, a Carthaginian Outpost and then a powerful Roman City before being destroyed by the Vandals and occupied by the Moors of Barbary. The remains uncovered provide a unique insight into the great Mediterranean civilisations. The collections are assembled in the Jerome Carcopino Museum.

Ghisoni - Located 658 metres away, Ghisoni, which has one of the finest forests in Europe, is the starting point for climbing Monte Renoso (2352 m).
An exceptional tourist site, it offers skiing in winter and in summer the chance to discover walks running along the Capanelle sheepfolds, the Bastiani Lakes and Nielucciu or the superb strings of small villages.

The other villages:

Ampriani - Antisanti - Campi - Canale di Verde - Casavecchie - Chiatra de Verde - Chisa - Ghisonaccia - Isolaccio di Fium'Orbu - Linguizzetta - Lugo di Nazza - Matra - M÷ita - Pancheraccia - Pianello - Piedicorte di Gaggio - Pietra di Verde - Pietrapola les Bains - Pietraserena- Pietroso - Poggio di Nazza - Prunelli di Fiumorbu - San Gavino - Serra di Fium'Orbu - Solaro - Tallone - Tox - Ventiseri - Vezzani - Zalana - Zuani

Source (Tourist Office of Ghisonacccia)


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