Regional Nature Park|

Nature in Corsica is far more than a landscape, it is the soul of the country. It is a place of life and culture that is marked by a thousand colours and scents, and home to an abundance of fauna and species that exist nowhere else. Foresta

The scrubland is covered in rock roses with white and mauve flowers, yellow honey-scented broom, tree heather, arbutus trees with red fruit, myrtle and mastic trees.

In the forests you can weave in and out of cork oak trees, olive trees, beech trees, the enormous Lariccio pine trees, chestnut trees and higher up, alders, dwarf juniper trees and barberry trees.

It is at the heart of this natural environment where you will discover typical villages in the mountains and valleys.

Guides will show you the mouflon, the bearded vulture and the sea eagle, and take you to see some exceptional places of breathtaking richness and beauty.


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