SardegnaNET was founded in the year 1998, the idea nated putting together two different sectors and a long experience in Internet and the tourism business.
... then there were also the basic conditions of this beautiful island "Sardinia".

Information is so important as real estate, and the other way around, so this is the recipe of success, we are working forward ... for your holiday experience "Made in Sardinia".

So SardegnaNET became the first tourist multi lingual portal with information and the possibility of booking tourist structures and accommodations distributed all over the island of Sardinia.
Every year we added more and more information and accommodations, all under the concept, that accommodations are important as information and reverse, but joining quality, efficiency and speed for your booking, by a European team, which is qualified and certificated in the tourism sector, with a contact as direct possible to our customers.
The real philosophy of the tourism origin is:
"Tourism is a temporary movement and stay of human beings in different cultural environments with different customs and life styles."
We agree to the philosophy of the WTO (World Organisation of Tourism) and AITO (Association of Independent Tour Operators), which is in part the responsible and sustainable tourism.
This is the concept of basic success of your holiday experience "Sardinia" and obviously also for us.
So very significant for the appreciation in the tourism sector and other.
In this way we have realized our base as an innovative and professional on line supplier of the holiday world in Sardinia.
Today we can say that we have thousands of accommodations in all Sardinia, holiday apartments, villas, hotels, villages, Bed & Breakfasts etc. organized to be commercialised.
As a leading on line specialist of Sardinia in this sector today and in the future.

With kindly regards your
SardegnaNET Team

The Team

Stephan Hützen: Our old "Freiburger Bobbele" that means the Old High Freiburger from Germany born in the year 1962, after his career in the German air forces he decided to stay in Sardinia in 1988, further the experiences and qualifications done before he participated for a course for a specialized study in tourism management recognized by the European Union to join a diploma with an examination of the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Work, then entrepreneur, founder, developer and creator of SardegnaNET, today managing the Smeralda Ltd and other enterprises.
With his professional experiences and local acknowledges for many years he became a very well known professional person.



Roberta Grova: Our Sardinian - Sicilian born 1963 and growing up in the west heart of Sardinia at Oristano, with her experiences as a teenager and university in Pisa and Florence (Tuscany), then long stays over seas in UK, and then she decided to turn back to her native land Sardinia. Since 1990 journalist with working experiences in television and national newspapers, for several years entrepreneur and owner of her enterprise in the Internet sector as Internet Service Provider which is part of the Smeralda Group. She is our vertebral column of SardegnaNET for the development of web structure, graphics and contents … as you can see !!!

SardegnaNET - nella stampa e referenze acquisite

Stern - Das Deutsche Magazin
GRUNER + JAHR AG & CO KG Druck- und Verlagshaus, Hamburg, Germany.
Stern is a German weekly national magazin with ca. 1 milion copies per week.
SardegnaNET is published in a Sardinia Special 2001 as a good provider of information and online bookings.

Axel Springer AG, Hamburg, Germania
Nr. 24, 12. - 18. June 2004
HÖRZU is a German weekly television magazin with ca. 1.8 milion copies per week.
"The desire of travel - where Sardinia is the most beautiful, a sardinian summer dream".
SardegnaNET is named as the best adress for bookings of soujourns and car rentals.

L’Unione Sarda
L’Unione Sarda SpA, Cagliari, Italia
Copy of 28.09.2004
"I tedeschi in Sardegna - In fuga dai crauti e stregati dal sole sardo." Translation: Germans in Sardinia - Escaped from "Sauerkraut" and enchanted by the Sardinian sun. The article is about Germans living in Sardinia and their activities and business.

Hapag - Lloyd Express GmbH, Langenhagen, Germania
"Sardegna in Internet, SardegnaNET is linked as website".

CRENOS - Centro Ricerche Economiche Nord Sud
Università di Cagliari e Università di Sassari
Facoltà di Scienze Politiche
Viale S. Ignazio 78, Cagliari
Die Universität befasst sich mit Analysen über das nationale und internationale Wirtschaftswachstum.
Januar 2005 wird SardegnaNET unter den ersten zehn in der Sardinien Touristik tätigen Firmen für das Projekt "Panel on Sardinia Tourism online" ausgewählt.
Die Finalität dieses Projekt ist das Fenomen des touristischen Online Angebots zu erfassen, derer die in den letzten Jahren eigenständig und autonom Leben in die Verbreitung des Erscheinungsbilds Sardiniens und der weltweiten touristischen Promotion der Insel über das Internet beigetragen haben.
SardegnaNET ist eine von nur drei Firmen der zehn Ausgewählten dieses Sektors, die der CRENOS Daten und Informationen zur Verfügung für die Bearbeitung gestellt hat.

easyJet Airline company Ltd
Easyland, Luton, London, UK
From March 2005 Roberta Grova writes the tourist guide of the Cagliari destination in the board book of EasyJet.

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