PianaThe village of Piana is located 78 Km from Ajaccio (harbor and airport), 76 Km from Corte and the center of the island, 84 Km from Calvi (harbor and airport).

According to its name, Piana is established on a 438m high tableland overlooking the Gulf of Porto, facing the peninsulas of Senino and Scandola.

Listed as one of the most beautiful villages of France, picturesque with its white houses set like in an amphitheater and overlooked by the beautiful church of Sainte Marie, Piana stands as the background of an exceptionnal site which offers numerous places to discover.

The french author Guy de Maupassant, while visiting the "Calanques" during fall 1880, was astonished by these "Pink granite rocks, 300m high, strange, tortured, warped, reddished by the time, bleeding under the last fires of sunset and adopting all shapes like a fantastic people come out of fairy tales, petrified by some supernatural power...".

The “calanches” of Piana, amazing giant granite sculptures that change from orange to red according to the time of day. Here you will discover what are known as “taffoni”, which are natural caves that provided shelter for the first men on the island.

The village of Piana, one of France’s most beautiful, overlooks the gulf with Monte Cinto forming a backdrop with its frequently snow-capped peaks.

This place has something magic and its savage aspect, quite surrealist, astonishes after the calm of the village.


Beaches: From the church place, a winding road goes dow to the Marina of Ficaghjola, a shelter for small boats. The same road, by the hamlet of Vistale, leads to the beautiful and savage beach Arone.


The numerous possibilities of beaconed rambling will let you enjoy the splendor of this chaotic landscape, sculpted by the erosion.
The trips proposed are accessible to any rambler. They cross beautiful places where sea and mountain join together to paint a fabulous landscape. The Tourist Office will be glad to give you more informations.

Please, remember to always respect the private properties you cross, to close the gates behind you; do not leave wastes along the paths. This place is very subject to forest fires...

Rambling Capu Rossu:
Capu Rossu (Turghiu round trip)
Last : 4h30
Level: quite easy
Starting point : Road of Arone.
Blue beacon, blue points or cairns.


Between Porto and Piana, a narrow road winds against the magnificent red granit faces that plunge into the sea. These are the "Calanche of Piana". Engraved by the erosion, they look like a fantastic sculpture.

Devil's sculpture...

The devil was trying to seduce a local sheperdess. As he failed, he become terribly angry. He sculpted a fantastic city. Today, while crossing the "Calanques", you can still see: the sheperdess and her husband, a dog, a bishop and many other creatures.

The best way to appreciate the beauty of this landscape is to discover it by walking along the different paths that cross it.

In the very heart of the "Calanques de Piana", you will find, by the road edge, a nice chalet with an outdoor terrace, called "Les Roches Bleues" (The Blue Rocks). Here is the starting point of numerous possible excursions.


The Piana forest covers the gradients of "la Pianetta" (973 m), "Capu d'Ortu" (1296 m) and "Foce d'Ortu" (989 m). There still remain the ruins of the castle where Jean Paul de Leca and his men sheltered their families, during the war against the genovese. A nice walk is to follow the "path of Vittulu" starting 1 Km on the right of the road leading to Porto.

Round trip in the township forest : Starting from the village, perception place. Brown beacons.

Rambling: (alt. 1294)
6 hours round trip, for good walkers.
Start : follow the path NW of the stadium.
Green beacons, green points.




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