Propriano stretches between Belvédère- Campomoro, Olmeto Plage and Porto Pollo.
This location is ideal for all those who want to make atour around Southern Corsica (Ajaccio and Bonifacio are only 1 hr 15mins away by car).

ProprianoThe village is a small town with 3500 inhabitants. Throughout the year mixed cargo ships transport passengers and merchandises. During the peak season passenger ferries enable visitors from Toulon, Marseille and Nice to disembark directly in Propriano. Regular liasons also exist between Propriano and Porto Torrès in Sardinia.

Propriano is situated in the heart of the Gulf of Valinco, a gulf that is so deep and calm that it could be mistaken for a lake. Corsica’s origins can be traced to this small region with its large number
of pre-historic sites and castle remains that date back to the time of the lords. The Valinco area provided a setting in the 19th century for many novels, including Prosper Mérimée’s “Colomba”.


You can benefit further from your holiday by discovering the virtues of bathing at the Baracci thermal station, open every day of the year. Either bathing in the swimming pools or baths for curative reasons, or simply to relax, the benefits of this site have been known since Antiquity. The hot sulfurous waters, are propulsed at around 52'C at their source to about 40'C in the swimming pool.

Information :

Station thermale de Baracci, route de Baracci, 20113 Olmeto.

Towards Levie, the 'Waters of Caldane' are equally as sulfurous. The small open air pool dates from the Roman period.
Information : Bains de Caldane, lieu-dit Caldane, 20100 Sartène.


Discovering the Corsican forests
with the National Forestry Office (O.N.F.).

The O.N.F. organises visits within forestry property during july and August. A professional guide will help you discover the Corsican forests and will show you authorised bathing and picnic areas.

The Chiavari communal forest is opened to the public every Wednesday at 9.00am , 2h3O walk for a 2 km route. No experience required.

The Ospedale forest is opened at 9.00am every Thursday for average walkers where there is a 3,5km route taking 3h.The Bavella forest is open at 9.30am every Monday for average walkers where there is a 3,5km route taking 3h.
Other individual/group itineraries are offered in Bonifacio, Fango, Marmano, Aitone and Pineta.
For information and to buy tickets (40FF) contact l'Office de Tourisme or
l'O.N.F.: Tel.:, Fax :

Source (Office du Tourisme de Propriano)

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